Friday, 28 October 2022

Drive & Fly handmade album

 I always end up with a few pieces of paper and embellishments form paper kits and packs that are too many bits to throw out and I am over trying to think up ways to use up the last bits. I also have plenty of cardstock so the perfect solution - a fabulous handmade album. 

The album has 6 pages - 20cm x 19cm and I have 30 photo mats. I have mainly put in portrait photo mats as that is what i usually end up with however you can make more landscape if you want. You can also add more photos as I Have left room for a lot of embellishments that I wanted to use up. You can add more or less photos as you want to. I have also left negative spots for journaling. 

Making the alum is very easy  and it wasn't difficult to get a very clean looking album which doesn't end up being with pages not aligned. Happy to share my measurements and tips to put together. Just send me a message and I will send the links to the 'how to make'. 

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