Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Dusty Attic - November Notebook

Wow what an amazing deep rich colour palette. I have taken the rich colours and the hint to nature to create my journal cover. 

I created a textured background by adhering crumpled tissue paper with soft gel. Once dry, I added a layer of Finnabair Graphite texture pasted randomly with a Dusty Attic Diamond stencil. 

Once dried, I added a layer of Finnabair Acrylic Metallique - Blackberry. While drying, I painted the chipboard frames with Dusty Attic - Soot. The leaves and word title were painted with Dusty Attic forest and Pesto paint. Dab to create a textured look. Once dry, I used Tim Holtz oxide inks - forest green to add a weathered look. 

The textured garland were painted with Finnabair rust effect texture paste. once dry, use Tim Holtz Oxide Ink - Gathered Twigs to add colour texture. 

The heart was painted with Finnabair Acrylic Metallique - Frozen Berries and when dry, use Tim Holtz Oxide Ink - Seedless Preserves to add colour depth. 

To assemble, add the frames and then layer the other chipboard. I have added gauze to the layout. Add the art stones with clear glue and Blackberry paint. Layer with the larger art stones and add mini ones to fill in the gaps. 

Finally, flick watered down white gesso around the layout, and paint a fine line around the word title.



Thursday, 1 November 2018

More Than Words - November - FUTURE AND STARS

Our Main Challenge is based on a word inspiration and a creative challenge.

Word Inspiration - FUTURE
Creative Challenge - STARS

What does the word FUTURE inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project 
or simply be inspired by it.  Since words are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how this month's word stimulated your creative process, so please do explain in your blog post how 
it inspired you if it isn't obvious in your work.

We believe that the future is bright, as bright as the stars in the sky that we wish upon! For this month's creative challenge, we would like to see those STARS on your project. You can choose to make your project twinkle, sparkle or shine if you desire, but most importantly, we must see at least one star on your creation.

This is my FUTURE, my gorgeous granddaughter Amelia. When I look at her I can see where my family's future lies and I feel so much joy. I have added embossed metal STARS as well as stenciled ones in and around the layout.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Dusty Attic - October - Giant Tag

A wonderful rich mood board. I thought that I would take inspiration from the outdoors earthy aspect of the pictures in the mood board.

I used  Ranger Giant tag and using soft matt gel stuck strips of gauze to create a textured background. I dabbed the Matte Soft Gel on the gauze to stiffen the tag. Once dry, Using a cobblestone stencil and randomly stencilled molding paste over the tag. Using rust effect paste in a variety of colours - brown, green and blue textured patina effect dabbed to add colour and highlight the stencil and gauze. As you dab, spray with water so that the pastes blend into the gauze. You want to be able to see the texture but also blended into the gauze to blur the edges. 

Once dry, start adding the layers of chipboard. I started with the old wooden fence (trim to size by cutting some of the end and trimming to match the top). Use rust paste and a double sided texture brush to make wavy lines representing wood grain. Once dry, use brown paint to dab and add colour and tone so that the it does not look flat. All other chip boards are painted with a range of Duty Attic paints (shown below). 

To add a final rustic look, use Dusty Attic Rusting powder and sprinkle diagonally across the tag and over the butterfly to add a rustic earthy look. (to deepen the rust colour - use vinegar in a spray bottle and once dry, respray if needed - the colour will develop over 24 hours). 

I used  a range of Lindy Stamp Gang sprays to paint flowers that represented the colours in the mood board and the photo. 

To finish off, add the frame, words and photo and splatter with the main colours that were featured in the project over the project (protecting the photo).

I hope you enjoy this earthy rich tag that features a beautiful photo of my granddaughter Amelia.