Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Dusty Attic February Project

This project mood board featured all of my favourite colours including the opportunity to have a lot of texture and plenty of grungyness. I started with paper that had the same colour tone as the mood board and stamped around the main area that the photos and embellishments would sit. I used 3 different stamps that had a slight textured look to them e.g. a grid, numbered circles. The aim was to add some depth to the page. Using the grid stencil, I randomly pasted making sure that you could still see some of the stamping. Once dry, I flicked a variety of paints on top such as dark blue, denim and added a light Lindy Stamp Gang golden tone to add some lightness and a little bit of sparkle. Once dry, I used a rust paste with  the chicken wire stencil over the mixed media base. Tip: using the rust paste will lead to a slightly less than perfect imprint as it is very wet but it adds to the overall grungy look. Be careful when applying as it can easily work under the stencil pattern. A couple of quick scraps across the stencil work best. 

Dusty Attic Chipboard - I cut up the main pieces of chip board so that it could be painted and placed under the photos. I used Denim, faded Denim and also a steampunk copper colour. Using black wool and some tags and embellishments, I added them to the page. Tip: I cut out a main photo mat so that I could work out where the chipboard would sit and then glued them on. Prior to adding the photos, I flicked some more paint so that the chipboard didn't look too perfect against the background. I finished off by sticking on the photos. Tip: as the photos were being glued on top of chipboard, I added some cardboard under some of the photos so that they ended up being the same height. Photos used: I used instant photos however once the photo has developed you can cut them but make sure to leave one edge uncut otherwise the layers of the instant photo will pull apart. 

I hope you enjoy my grungy masculine page. For more inspiration, go to the following blog page: